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GMS game servers

We host a number of game servers, some are available to the public, others are private only. Our compliment of servers are:

GMS – Rust

A modified publicly accessible Rust server. This is a fast gather rate server with offline raid balancing in effect to counter the large volume of easily acquired resources. This server is trying to establish a more casual friendly player base.

A full list of configuration options can be found here.

GMS – 7D2D

A private vanilla 7 Days 2 Die server. This server offers complete PVP protection to player owned structures. PvP is permitted however. In other words your home is safe, outside of it anything goes. Resourcing has been increased by 3x as has experience gain.

GMS – Valheim

A private vanilla Valheim server. This server is open to members of GMS only. As this is a cooperative game, anyone found working against their team will be removed.

GMS – Terraria

This is a non password protected vanilla server. Friends of friends are welcome on the provision that they aren’t causing grief with the other players.