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GMS launched our own Rust server

Earlier last week, GMS launched our own Rust server. For this game, we have gone public. We’ve been registered into a few server browsers and you can check out our stats here:

We have a number of people on the admin team already. Thankfully we have eyes on the server nearly all night and day thanks to our international friends.

The server is modded and runs the following:

  • 10x gather rate
  • 10,000 items stacked per slot (all items)
  • More loot
  • Open use of the remover tool
  • Rust+ mobile application supported
  • Active admins around the clock

Our rules are quite simple:

  • Cheating (obviously) is unacceptable.
    With these gather rates, you’d have to be pretty crap to need to cheat.
  • No harassment or threats towards other players.
    Joking and in game comments directed to an avatar is fine. If it becomes a genuine threat, we won’t tolerate it.
  • Don’t beg for hand outs.
    Admins will not be handing out items.

We look forward to seeing you in game very soon!

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