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GMS – Rust server configuration

We currently have our Rust server offline. We are going to be relaunching soon. Our previous game configuration didn’t see much success. We are currently reconsidering what settings we will run.

Our previous configuration is below.

All harvesting/mining is boosted by 10x the standard values.
Pickups (rocks or stumps for example) are still standard.
Loot has been increased by varying factors for some level of balance.

Crafting time has been reduced by %50. Smelting remains unchanged.

This remains at vanilla values at present. This has remained as a balancing strategy and to create an area of combat around protection of smelting operations. Heavy Armour bases should be something to strive for.

As soon as you have logged off your base timer starts. The value of damage you will take from players scales based on how long you have been offline.

  • First 10 minutes offline – 100% damage (no protection)

This prevents people logging off to save themselves from an attacking force. Less than ten minutes offline will still take %100 of the damage dealt to it.

  • Between 10 and 60 minutes offline – 0% damage (structure is invincible)
  • Between 1 and 3 hours offline – 20% damage
  • Between 3 and 6 hours offline – 35% damage
  • Between 6 and 12 hours offline – 50% damage
  • Between 12 and 48 hours offline – 80% damage
  • After 48 hours offline – 100% damage (no protection)

These values may be subject to change in the future depending on observations. This is an attempt to make offline raiding much more expensive and time consuming, thus making it more profitable to hit an active target or to ensure an offline target is more selectively chosen for a better potential return on the expense and time.

The server has enabled teleporting to the bandit camp and the outpost. You can also request teleport to another player. There are some general limitations about teleportation which are:

  • You cannot Teleport while in combat or taking any for of damage.
  • Teleports have a countdown timer before they execute.
  • Escaping from monuments with a Teleport is prevented.
  • You are permitted only.
  • We are not using homes to avoid too much risk free fast travel.

Commands are issued in the chat box:

  • /outpost
    Teleport to the outpost
  • /bandit
    Teleport to the bandit camp
  • /tpr (a player name)
    Sends a teleport request to a designated player, they must accept it or your request will be denied after a time.
  • /tpa
    This accepts an incoming teleport request. Be sure that you can trust the person requesting to TP to you.

Our day time cycle is 60 minutes of real time. The night cycle lasts only 10 minutes. Night time in rust brings some tactical advantages in raiding or hunting and will remain in the game. We do not run a day vote / night skipping plug in. We also do not alter the moon cycle to ensure full moon every night time.

We have a 50,000 unit stack size for all times that can be stacked. This helps to reduce the warehouse sized bases on map and allows more freedom in base design.

Any structures not covered by a Tool Cupboard (TC) will begin to decay after ten minutes. Once the decay starts, unprotected objects will last only an hour before being destroyed.